Why we are in Brussels?

Brussels: more than the capital of Europe

Political and geographical centre from Europe

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First-hand information

First-hand information on international collaboration policies for business, education, industry 4.0, SMEs, digital technologies, research and innovation

Highest concentration of Representations

Brussels is the city with the highest concentration of Embassies, Regional Offices, Representation Delegations and NGOs in the world

Headquarters of the European Union and the NATO

The headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are located in Brussels

Pole of attraction

It is a pole of attraction for offices of States, Regional Agencies, Councils of Science and Technology, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Research Centres


Who is represented in Brussels?

  • All the countries from the European Union
  • States and regions of European countries have their independent representation offices
  • +200 European Regional Development Agencies
  • +1000 Associations and NGOs in economics, politics, education, environment, technology, innovation, development cooperation