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All of your events are 100% designed by our team. Our events are for all public.  We offer personalised events where any kind of any instituions receives a designed event to overcome their goal. 

EUMex-Connect Events

What is it? 

DOING is a forum designed to support regional governments in Latin America to enhance a new vision towards innovation in government, in social impact and in the development of  world-class human capital.

Targeted to ? 

    Managers of State, Municipal offices, regional or district governments: 
        Secretaries or state Ministers of economic development 
        Secretaries or Ministers of innovation 
        Directors of Liaison and Internationalisation offices 

     Commerce and Industry 
     Digital Technologies and Government of the Future
     The City is the Brand 
     Innovation in Education, Research and Development 

What is it? 

Forum based in creating bridges in Europe between Higher Education Institutions and Universities.

Targeted to? 

Directors of Universities and Higher Education Institutions 


Strategies in the Higher Education in Europe
International Mobility 
Networking with strategic partners 
Settling long-term relations with European partners 
Effective International Collaboration 

Customized events

coming soon

What is it? 

Mission by National Network of Councils and State Organisations of Science and Technology.


Targeted to? 

Directives of the REDNACECyT